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Đồng hồ Garmin Edge- 1000 GPS Bundle

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Edge 1000 Preloaded Garmin Cycle map Quarter turn mount Out-front mount Speed sensor Cadence sensor Premium heart rate monitor Tether USB cable Quick Start manual

Hỗ trợ mua hàng

  • 0983563861


  • Features 3 inch capacitive touch, high resolution colour touchscreen display that works equally well with gloves or in the rain
  • Dual orientation display - choose landscape or portrait for flexible map views
  • GPS GLONASS capability for strong, accurate GPS data even under tree cover
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness to improve visibility and save battery life
  • Fully connected: Bluetooth / BLE / WiFi / ANT enables flexible and instant upload and download of data with Garmin Connect
  • Ephemeris satellite data for quicker than ever GPS lock
  • 8GB internal memory pre-loaded with Garmin Cycle Map for Europe (based on OSM) on and off road
  • Includes DEM data and address search, microSD slot for loading additional map data if required
  • RoutePlanner capability
  • RoundTrip Routing - ask Edge 1000 to calculate hillier or flatter rides depending on your preference
  • LiveTrack sessions for friends and family to know where you are and receive a weather overview directly on your device
  • Text messages and phone alerts from your phone can be directed to your device
  • Garmin Connect segment compatibility - view on screen
  • Alerts for start and finish points
  • View leader boards post-segment and plan your routes using a sequence of segments
  • System offers integration with compatible Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems
  • Compatibility with ANT power systems such as Garmin Vector
  • 15 hours battery life

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